Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Leaves/Poetry

Blue Leaves

The rest, at my elbow,
Twirling into my hair,
Or that of Sheila little dancer,
Three or four she is,
Into whose body leaves conversed,
In an animated talk, tis true tis true,
To her of her,
A beauty queen,
And- look! She’s covered.
They have created from the,
Wind’s blowing steam,
A steam of-
Cold cooking a mystery,
That helped their cause,
Of creating something,
With their talents together,
A pretty, blue-leaf queen.

Ah, and I sit here,
With leaves in my hair, wondering . . .
Could it be me next, who becomes one?
An iced up figure of excellent beauty-
(like blue icing a cake-)
As I walk into work one day,
Dancing like the little girl,
Covered in blue leaf mystery,
My blue leaves . . .

How I do love the fall!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall's Golden/Poetry

    Fall’s Golden ~

Shimmers in gold and red,
Leaves fall quietly,
To the black mists,
Where speckled rain,
Waxes over,
A glistening, black,
Of an infinite beautiful mist,
Serene presence.

It rises up to show
A powerful presence,
Wearing a black cloak,
Thundering darkness,
With black onyx,
But eyes, jewel-bright.

It reaches to the leaf,
‘Go, go away,
Forever, and then forever,
I don’t care where,
Just so long as,
Your power,
A silken, golden leaf,
Adorns the ground,
To frame my darkness,
Empowering the Earth with light.

Fall makes a pretty picture.