Friday, March 1, 2013

Force That Gently Wanders (Poetry)

~ Force That Gently Wanders ~



Entwined with imaginary traces,

Of silver mysteries,

An inertia bred within black fire,

Beneath the raging water,

Of death.


Entwined with silver tendrils,

The pearlescent skin,

Of a death-defying,

Stoic woman bearing a strait carriage,

Tall and proud is she, while-

She quietly and cleverly,

Yet unobtrusively and gently,

Wards off the weak ones, with eyes of blue stalactites,

So that . . .

The water’s rage subsides,

And the trees stop swaying,

While the wind finally dies,


Who is she?


No one could fathom,

Yet we are always kept wondering . . .

Fluffy Pink Cats- Poetry

~ Fluffy Pink Cats ~


Swoop downward out of the blue with-


And then they merge-

No one ever seems to find a miscreant,

When they enter into our minds like glue

They stick to our brains like hot wax,

Never leaving lone thought behind . . .


I really do like these fuzzy pink cats,

And mysterious leagues that,

Put them all on display-

Yet, with all of these

Leagues of cats in my brain,

I never even thought that,

They would try to demonstrate,

Bejeweled emerald eyes,

That rest upon my dresser,

In the form of porcelains . . .

Because, in my mind they begin glowing,

Never saving themselves anytime to,

Rest like the solid, dignified porcelains,

Sit with a high esteem . . .

Because they are,

No longer my treasured entities,

From my grandmother and aunts,

But sporadically flying

Fireworks of-



Lovely pink,

Fuzzy paperwork creations!

Heart-shaped designs,

How I love these,

Fuzzy pink fantasies,