Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughts ~

I usually just sit,
And wait.
Seeking the ideas,
New, and fresh,
Steadily growing,
Silently breaking.
Waiting for these
Thoughts of gooey,
Pumping, living hearts,
To enter me.

I wait for them to come.


The process
Is warm.

As these hearts flip,
They spin and twist,
Evolving with grayness,
That they gain in a
Slimy process.

Hearts in grayish globs,
Now enter me.
My physical body.

I can’t think well,
When I see a sky of madness.

Sometimes demons
Tear and scratch,
At my door.
And somehow they break through it.

I can’t sit,
And wait anymore
For the demons,
Begin their work.

First they take brushes,
And begin to paint.

Their interesting choice-
A black sky.
Then the effects.

A baby screams,
While a mother ignores the child.
A daddy tries,
And struggles,
To begin an engine.
To top their fun-
These demons,
Add an enormous, clanking
Train to the mess.
None of it makes any sense!

The grayish hearts,
Stop beating.

Like now,
I stop my waiting.

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