Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sparkling Jewelry/Poetry

Sparkling Jewelry

You were wearing a bracelet,
And I didn’t know its truth,
For all of those glitters,
The sparkles and the shine,
You see were in my mind,
But I couldn’t see them,
Upon that pretty wrist.

The blue jewels, deeply,
Mellowing, soft, adorning,
Your wrist had spoken,
Like a thief in stoic night,
Who wanted a bit, of something,
That we didn’t know.
They sparkled like packs,
Of handsome men that,
Were lowly pilfering thieves,
Because they robbed you.

You shook your wrist, jingle,
Beautiful, lovely jewels,
Of blue that gazed serenely,
At the door,
When they fell gracefully, thump,
On the ground of suave carp-
And then we smiled,
Held by their charm,
Until they blackened before us.

They robbed you of- something,
Like the thief I imagined,
Like dozens of thieves that came,
In the night when you were asleep,
At a midnight blue picture,
That billowed around your cradled head,
Before we saw what glittered.

It was a simple memory.
You had dreamt it all,
The glittering jewelry still rested,
Upon your wrist,
Lovely blue that I so loved,
And the imagined thieves had left us.
Your green eyes opened,
Fazed by midnight lusting,
That blanketed your dwelling,
With stars.

And then you wished back,
That time you long ago had,
Before bowing,
In a silent song of godly strength,
Thanking him for the imagined thieves,
Sordid dreams,
Stolen jewelry,
That took you knew not what,
Praising the fact that what was taken,
Was never found,
The bracelet bobbing,
In the misty eyes of sleep,
Only in sleep,
Was not,
And no omens portended,
Any losses.

There wasn’t loss-
Because- you aren’t,
Not lost save for in dreams Saunie.
Because while you perpetually stargaze,
God looks down with sparkling rain,
Stars and moonlight,
So . . .
Where is the loss my Saunie?

-Dedicated to my Saunie. Love Brooke.

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