Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Kiss the Fire/Poetry

I Kiss the Fire

The sea billows,
Swiftly over the meadows,
While I wait here sitting,
Beseeching the maelstrom,
To break through me,
So I will be able to feel,
The wind as it tangles me . . .
The fire as it blows through,
The forest that hungers.

There is forest that hungers within me,
I know that I can trust,
It to devour me,
So I take my leave,
As slowly I shift,
Turning, at the sound of the wind.

I stand with my poor arms,
Raised as eagle wings,
Teetering slightly,
While the storm waits for me,
As I have waited for it,
And, I embrace it.

Its disguise to me has shaken,
For I know the rage has been used,
And I know a brutal kiss,
The fire blows upon my lips.

Why have you been disguised,
A mask, that crept from the Earth,
Seeking from me a flavored penchant,
That has zapped my last zeal, and honored strength.

Oh, holy wise Earth,
You have teased me so,
Oh, your passionate urges,
Have gently worn my heart,
When all was sunny,
And I never knew what you hid,
I never knew you were really a storm,
God forgive me!
God forgive me!
How has this come to me?
Now I can’t stop it.
I kiss the- the-
I kiss the fire.


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  1. Thank you to my dear friend Tiffany, who suggested that I write a short line to inform the reader of my inspiration before writing a piece:

    I had been making dinner at the time I wrote this in an extremely ironical time-frame, in which I picked up my pen. Earlier in the day I had been engaged in a riveting romance story between two lovers . . . strange now to think that their love had been one that was forced upon, because, that was exactly, in effect, the causation. Causation meaning, that when I sat down with my pen between my teeth, I slowly flared with a passionate rage that I did not equate with the true cause, and that was forced love between two people. This love had been brought upon them by the suppression of a powerful authority, and yet, despite the falsehood, they grew to love each other, not being able to resist the temptation. This girl is talking to the wind . . . however, when you understand the symbolism, it becomes clear that she is actually in a fiery battle with herself, unable to resist the throes of a romance that once had appeared innocent.