Friday, July 27, 2012

Having Synesthesia: A Definition That Satisfies My Own Happiness


Having synesthesia:

A person with this very strange definition that is also extremely quaint, but, not so quaint. It follows automatically that someone with this quality is also quite odd, but, not so odd. Someone with synesthesia might allow their dreams to coincide with peculiar verbiage. While listening to a classical opera, they might, for instance, write about color. However, this may be seen as odd, when put into words on paper. However; please beware that this person with something so rare and exquisite is not cursed only by ambiguity, but also inexplicably and unaccountably blessed by it. For, rare is quaint, which are both lovely. Odd is not so lovely, and strange is not becoming. Yet still, to every opposite there is the counterpart, and, thus, having synesthesia, I must say, that I am- I am part of the dark forces, but also part of the light. For, it is not so difficult to disclose, that, the most quiet recesses of a person’s heart that flows upon a tremendous wave of water, a bout of the ocean moving by for a split second in time, that this emotion will inevitably, be, a part of that person’s physical network of ventricles, veins, arteries . . . and the blood will outpour all of its tremendous capacity into a bucket. The bucket will be filled up with countless unimaginable words, and imprinted upon the heart. I will take them all for my free disposal, and on my pen will be what I have lost, as it flows- reason will cease, and the wave of the oceanic, erupting heart will come freely forth, in an illustrious passion of blues and sounds and breezes, and whispers and shivers and glory, and fury, where there is no night to fall upon them, and there is no wind to take them to the insufferable world of reason. The widest scope of life, where we float, breathe, eat, see, paint, muse, and form words with our mouths, play music, all at once, is the person who is inflicted with this poetic curse; the blessing of synesthesia.

Dictionary definition: The poetic description of a sense impression in terms of another sense, such as 'a loud perfume.'

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