Friday, December 14, 2012

The Devil in Disguise- Connecticut Tragedy

Quote from a Reporter:

“And today the devil came to this town . . . and this town will have to live with this . . . the rest of their lives!”

Tribute to the Fallen Children in Connecticut ~

The Devil in Disguise –

The devil came to our town,
He was a devil,
That was dressed like a human.
He was the son of a school teacher,
And he carried a gun.

Everyone has a pistol though,
Stashed away in their drawers to hunt,
Not everyone hunts down people,
Or turns their bullets on school-children.

Many children came down with the gun,
Falling like baby deer would,
That prance about in a little gay arc,
Until met with that human-
The hunter,
Of kids,
The devil in disguise.

The devil in disguise,
Came to Sandy Hook,
Removed that weapon that many own,
As hunters,
Hunters that shoot full grown buck.
Yet this one shot,
Gay little babes,
Looking forward to Christmas,
And how does one say to that,
The man is unstable?

He was a devil that ruined Christmas,
The son of a schoolteacher,
That shot down her babes,
A devil,
One that was in a human disguise.

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