Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cat's Demonic

Cat's Demonic ~ * ~
(the story of a demonic cat that tries to take over the world with evil. Set in the era of the 1920s)

Part 1 Installment-

There was a great evil that blanketed planet Earth which no one could truly understand. It crept between the doors in the refrigerators when one opened them, and through the cracks when they were closed in order to meander throughout houses in enormous spectacles of a glittering, black, art which could never be seen- so claw-like was the quality of the masses that stuck to the fold of the ceiling, gripped the walls as oozing goo that shined and those seeping globs of straight-up, black sheaths that tickled the curtains with groping, itching fingers- that it clung like leeches over all objects in the home. The worst part about the evil substance, though, was that it could never be seen, and, although the inhabitants of each house in which it co-existed felt its presence, not a soul knew from whence it came, for it simply swayed within the house curtains unyielding, dripping onto the faces of married couples when they kissed, snug and warm beneath their sheets- it fell from the tops of fans when they were switched to 'on,' so that it could fly about the room in the air, happily unnoticed- for the evil thrived, wherever it could make one miserable- and where it existed, that is where . . . it most often existed . . .

Over the world this blackness was siphoned through an invisible tunnel which no one had the ability to discern, for not ever the most meticulous scientist would have had the ability to use any of his prodigious gadgets to depict its particular place within the ozone layer- the reason for this was quite simple, in fact it could not have been plainer, because, how plain is nonexistence? The fact is, harsh as it is to say to the critics of this world who live their own, self-satisfied and happily egotistical lives, who fervently seek after their own interests and think that they are the center of everything, that, in complete honesty such mythological things exist as magic. And such it remains in the case of the black cat known as Lucifer, who actually controls everything, and is in actuality, the center of everything in life. Lucifer, who rules over all that is underneath the sun, anything that is a part of what, in the scheme of the busy world as we know it, dwells in and around us. In an around us, meandering between the door of our cabinets and our dressers, underneath the fold of blankets upon our beds, is the evil which is owned by the cat Lucifer.

Lucifer was not always a demonic Socialitiera, or what is basically known as someone who is highly controlling, and in fact, he once had gathered unto himself the attentions of various rulers from other worlds, those which we do not know of, but suffice it to say that not everything good lasts forever . . . although a fair ruler this cat became rather bored by his truly mundane duties, and he wanted for diversity. Now, I am not speaking of the diversity of races or creeds or ethnicity, but that which is rather similar, in some strange but creative manner, to Lascivious, or two forces that always work within a tandem. Although most people are not graced by this knowledge, Lascivious was actually a part of Lucifer's life in one of the most fascinating ways imaginable. The rulers of several different universes were poignantly marked by the balance of Lascivious because good and evil bounced back and forth between all of them. The other rulers always left out poor Lucifer when they shared their powers with one another, but he was a very mellow black animal, and everyone just as well assumed that he was content simply to have the strength of goodness. Therefore they kept their own powers and strengths to themselves. The most prominent of these- was of course Lascivious.

Lucifer decided one day that he wanted to steal Lascivious and add evil to his own world like the others, so when the power of evil flew throughout the universe on its way to an unknown destination, he decided that he would steal the power of evil so that he, too, could create the balance. It was the 1920s on planet Earth at the time this happened, so the world was enwrapped by these strange things called fads, and woman were beginning to assert their independence more and more. When evil struck the flux of society then, most people did not immediately feel the effects of its presence. While they traveled to work, took care of the children, and kissed their spouses goodbye, the force of Lucifer's evil, which had created a magical seesaw over everything, remained unseen. Lucifer himself was the only one who was privy to the golden creation which he had himself been able to generate. It hung in an unknown destination that no researcher or scientist could ever identify. The ethereal being prided himself upon the fact that none of the other controllers of the various life planets had noticed what he had done. And, as he sat curled up in front of an unseen fireplace, from an unknown space in time, he looked down upon the effects with interest.

Now Lucifer was a strange piece in the word called existence, for he was magical. He wasn't anything like any other living organism which one could depict. He was a cat with a penchant for black tea, and nearly burnt toast in the morning. One who met Lucifer might think that he was quite ordinary in fact- but, there was something strange about him. Something different. Like the screw in a machine which had fallen. Lucifer was nothing like your typical, ordinary house-cat. He was unique in his desires and his interest. He also had a few friends from planet Earth with whom he interacted.
The first of these was a white hound dog known as Sparkscretentia, who was as well a magical being. The second was a large, mostly green macaw who was known under the name of 'Creolish,' although everyone called her 'Glisten.' The last of his friends, with whom he often interacted, was a large tiger looking cat who was commonly known as 'Jasper.'

Many times, during the afternoon, when Lucius was in need of company, he would speak to his friends through the line of a magical telephone that was hung upon a star in the black space around him and call them to his living arrangement for a spot of tea. His friends thought that the black tea that he made was delicious. During this frame of time, in which they would engage in decent chatter, for good talk was found rarely in these times of nefarious evil, they would watch with interest the new developments taking place upon planet Earth. Lucifer himself was quite satisfied by the excellent progress that he had generated.

"Look," he said, leaning over from his place in his favorite armchair. "That woman just lost her job to another man again. Is the pink skirt the reason that she was terminated?" He and his friends then had an animated discussion about all of the potential reasons. On another day, a man that was wearing all blue was walking around with a large sign fastened to a long stick. His friend Jasper wanted to know how common it was to see this.

"Quite common, I think," Lucifer answered him.

"Why is he dressed in blue?" asked the macaw, Glisten.

"I think he prefers it," said Lucifer contemplatively. "Ever since I sent the force of evil down to planet Earth everyone has been acting bizarrely."

"I think it is remarkable," said Jasper.

"Quite fascinating," added the dog, Sparkscretentia.

And so, in like manner the three friends continued to applaud Lucifer's efforts. While time progressed, the strangest changes which the feline of this bizarre Socialitiera could not have in his wildest dreams imagined, started to occur. The four friends sat patiently waiting, avidly enjoying the evil which they had wrought. And people went about their lives, completely oblivious to the demonic cat controlling them, seemingly content on the outside, yet never knowing, never wondering about the other presence in their homes- which was slowly taking over their lives.

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