Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wings of Gold


~ Wings of Gold ~


Scouring wings of gold,

Gracing mysterious cries,

That ripped the black night,

Tearing in illusionary parts,

Chunks, which fell enamored,

Love-glued to lacy tendrils,

Of majestic rose and sunlit hues,

Embraced by an angel’s grace . . .


She sat quietly in pearl bonnets,

Of speckled sun-pressed orchids,

A Heavenly measure of braided,

Silver-tied rushes,

Within the pithy splendor.


A paint-brush feather,

An elaborate whistle, of silken clarinet sounds,

Lilting in a song beyond the Gates,

E’en though she would not lift,

Her blue eyes to glance upon,

The honeyed wings,

That scattered her life,

Into sweetened touches,

Licking her fair breast,

Gently, so calmly, a glaze,

It was all,

While the chipped glass majestic red,

 A creamy mist of herbs, and spices,

Heaven’s crystal-clear touch-

Mere measure-

That disavowed night,

In her favor,

Lending her just a bit,

Of its petals and scents,

The hues and delights of Our Father.

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