Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Planet's Syndrome

A/N: See Animal Planet's The Blue Planet:

Our Planet's Syndrome ~

The blue syndrome . . .
the racing wild,
that moves within,
a slice in our planet.

One where the wildfire crackles,
the sun blazes on the dead grass,
and the plankton drift aimless,
while the blue sheet shines overhead.

The animals here run wild at midnight,
and the owls swoop down for prey,
but the tandem of the wildlife,
is an interacting marvel.

The tiny crab does not understand,
its scheme in the heart of things,
but there are trees that give shelter,
to the bird that eats its shell.

There are fires,
there are places in which creatures can go,
in order to escape the sun's heat.

The danger of dehydration for grazers. . .
 are obliterated by the whale's home.

They all give life to each other,
and when the eagle eats the fish it knows . . .
that the fish could not survive without the brutal kill,
the plankton could not survive without the heat,
which provide dry spells.

It is a syndrome of pale blue beauty,
of fires that cause the mammals to run,
and yet . . . in spite of the planet's splendor,
it seems that life is brutal to its counterpart,
yet without the death, fatal weather,
there would be no syndrome,
 of blue beauty,
for even though it is a syndrome,
the Earth is infinitely beautiful.

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