Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shattered Me (romantic poetry)

~ Shattered Me ~



{Excerpt from Gone With the Wind}


“Stop, please- I’m faint,” Scarlett whispered.

“I want to make you faint,” Rhett said. “You’ve had this coming to you for years. None of the fools you’ve known have ever kissed you like this, have they?” She would faint if he did not stop. If only he would never stop . . .

“Marry me. Say yes, damn you, or- ”

She whispered ‘yes’ before she even thought.          

                         ~ Dedicated to my friend Rebekah Phillips


                                                                                The meat and the juice,

Dripped over my heart,

Taken from the end of,

The most fragile glass-


Someone poured me some,

Champagne that turned,

Into the blood,

Of cooked meat-

And the raw, chewy flesh,

Quenched my thirst,

As I savored for,

The love this man,

Wanted to devour me,


As I became thready kneed,

And then,

Started to fall, before he-

Caught me.


My glass became,

Slowly darker,

As I met his gaze-

Those black fires,

Cursed my drink,

Turning it darker-

Like his eyes-

Darker, and darker,



I downed the glass.


He kissed me,

And my heart began pounding,

As the drink-


And swarmed throughout my system,

And made me come alive.


Blood went through me-


It was all I felt, heard,

My heart . . .


We were so close-

And eventually,

The world disappeared,

And the Earth shattered.


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