Monday, February 25, 2013

Adder Ropes- based in slavery

~ Adder Ropes ~
{Based within the 1860s- slavery}

It was, without question,
A dreary, dark ride,
Through “nonsense.”

It is a large,
It is fervent hatred,
And heated language,
It moves,
Like the shadows roll and billow,
And it hears the tongues of shaking adder miscreants,
That find no one place to go save for that meandering road,
Down the gripping shoulders,
Of a man without a purpose-
Tongues lap along the skin,
Bared to every single man and woman,
Tongues that find no solace,
Save for their shaking adder languages.

Lapping along the skin,
Of the dark, weary man, unloading his burdens,
By finding a place of trust,
Within his own position,
Of bondage through those that,
Cut and siphon his blood,
Through their perilous knives,
Ropes of lapping tongues,
For once again he will,
Be completely trusted,
After he’s given his respect,
Of those sordid . . .

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