Monday, February 25, 2013

War Destruction- Based Within the Realms of The Civil War

~ War Destruction ~
{Based upon the Civil War}

Out of the icy shadows,
Shadows that could never be lightened,
A murdering prey had fallen,
But what it was-
We could not know.

Tempestuous raging,
An aura of madness, in the middle,
And all around,
Spoke a scythe that,
Had been abused in the current,
Of terrible war hatred.
A terrible war,
And a lusty hatred,
That gripped the bones and made our movements-

The things that we could not see,
Had blinded us,
To pain,
To the fight,
What we held onto,
In our burning breasts our pride,
Our raucous, ravenous, aching, sordid pride-
Followed us to the ends of the earth,
Where we fought for something we could not name,
A bowl of misery, was claimed,
For us,
Poor, sad, droop-eyed animals,
That no one could ever have foreseen-

It was all over then,
Because . . .
This we could no longer see.
The reasons were a burning hole,
In our chest,
Now ravaged to ashes-

Us, us,
We cried out,
And no one could hear us,
As we threw our jagged swords,
Our rough-hewn movements,
Without purpose,
Against each other,
So that,
In the end,
We were really no more than,
A beastly venom,
That had poisoned the other side,
Of the North and South,
For to see the destruction,
Of the dead to the bone soldiers,
No one had one,
We were just . . .
Hanging onto our pride,
The bloodshed,
Like the cause of our sworn dignity-
But it was not so well-standing, now . . .

We were just- broken iterations,
Mimics of life,
No more human,
Than the strange,
But highly priced language,
That makes this piece of work,
Something worthy.

Yet, what does it mean really?
Not much.

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