Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beach Love/Poetry

Beach Love

Beach love-
I am calling for you.
Let us not seek

There are so many people,
They all need to flaunt their goodness-
For they’re trying,
The grandest beach fashions.

Oh beach, my love,
Let me embrace all of you,
For I’ll not be a foe.

These people, know,
Many such sufficient,
Details of what’s hot-
But not the sun.

Yet, I must say,
That all these tan men,
And women with curls plenty,
The way they walk here,
With passion,
And slap and splash to make messes-
I truly must know,
That such-
Was wholly never an effort,
So why should I say,
No matter how they,
Accomplish their-
Unhampered satisfaction, free-
That it would be-
Unholy or annoying.

Yes, the latest beach fashion . . .
I’ll still be,
No matter what
Goes on around me,
I’ll still love the beach.

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