Tuesday, July 3, 2012



It holds us strongly,
When unexpecting.

Will enclose the demons.

It will run us over,
A sickly flattened,

Fear will tear our houses,
The seas and lash- lapping-
The maroon sky overhead,
Will start to vaporize.

Thunderbolts will surely fly,
And our shoes will become scattered,

We’ll no longer take the place,
Of strength,
We cannot now be,

We’ll be reduced,
Breathing hard
Lions or roaring beats,
We’ll be nothing.


When fear drags us,
And leaves to us only-


I now look up,
To the cloudy Heaven,
To a crystal hue,
And I know,
The weather cannot change.

Not while my family rests,
Beside me,
And my friends,
Make tea with me.

As long as we all unite,
In chatter,
We have the ability to,
Block out the clatter.

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