Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Please Forgive/Poetry/A Plea for Mercy

Please Forgive

Oh Father! Forgive me, for I tell
you a story which when unraveled,
may cause your bones to shake,
did you have a form of human,
but, let it stand.

I watch in rigid allurement,
the snaking tendrils of my golden frame,
of the mirror that faces me,
never bold enough to strike the glass,
with essence of my decorative exposure.

I am caught up in the vast sense,
of the crimes done through this body,
those which take the form of buried treasure,
that, somehow, snake through my mirror,
as the tendrils turn themselves upon me,
in dark, a mesmerizing, enchanting-


The shade my eyes hide beneath,
cannot take the time to reveal,
to me anything by this allurement,
for I'm caught up in the sense,
of  my own sins, these dark follies,
of rapidly writhing, fingers of my own self.

My own reflection,
has developed before my awful sight,
my eyes have now betrayed me,
forever as my hand gently passes,
over my mouth as it opens with wonder,
for I have fallen in my reflection,
to encompass the entire mirror,
as the frame has whisked softly away,
the gold and sins masked as gifts,
abundant, beautiful luxuries merit,
has flown,
to an unknown palace.

Leaving me here to only scream,
as my entire body twists away,
in mad rebellious horror,
my hand striking upon the glass,
black horror,
that has become me.

I am ridden with folly,
evil clenches my spirit . . .
will I ever wash away,
like a kindred spirit,
will my sins be forgiven?

Or must I walk,
forever along an endless path,
where all I can see,
is this grotesque reflection,
of decorous beauty,
that desperately tries to hide,
all that she carries within,
but is horribly, disgustingly, and truly-
a terrible sight.

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