Thursday, July 19, 2012

Woman and Man/Friends; Poetry

Woman and Man/Friends

Back then, I didn’t- care.
Back then, all that I knew was blooming.
Back then, I wanted . . . to play . . .

Oh, and then, I ran into my friend’s arms.
We found naught for many problems that we shared.

My best buddy was beyond the fence,
All I needed was to call for him-
Until we gathered some kind of mischief.
For these, we found no solutions.

Didn’t take us long.

We were, from the start, the best.
An instant friendship had we,
That no others shared . . .
Five and three.

I wish I remembered you more dear.

Can’t think of too much now.
We really had the best of any though,
And, I’d run through the sun’s rays-
Feeling it dance, and alight upon my back,
As we played on your swing-set.

If not that, then we played in the pool,
Or on your trampoline.

Once I remembered that we found a butterfly,
Poor thing was dead,
And we tore it in half. Hmm.
Guess that was how we solved our troubles.

In love, for when we-
Had torn the butterfly we were saddened.
Yet we always seemed to come together again.
We would apologize, after destroying something precious . . .

I wish I could have you here,
Once more I wish that we could laugh together.
My heart wrenches with ache of longing,
For all then was blooming,
And now-
Now ’tis never to be.

We are grown up now,
We have gone our separate ways forth.
Yet, on this day, I’m remembering,
How much I –
How much I miss you.

So many thoughts flit across,
Of instant gratification,
When I live that time,
And I wonder what could have been,
Had our paths not been so distinctly formed.

Would we have seen each other anymore?

Would we have been, you and I,
Old friends, to see each other in a new light-
I, a woman and you, a man?

. . .

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