Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Misty Branches/Poetry

Misty Branches

My dreams,
Like a branch in mist.
I can’t grasp it,
It’s quite high-
But study it I can.

How low does it sag,
Little branch,
How sad and lonely.
I fall down before it,
And cry,
As it starts then,
To rain.

I have been dreaming,
But I had no one,
To help me reach it.
Like the little branch,
My dream’s so lonely and distant,
So indeed,
It will never visit.

Like branches, like branches,
They hang like misty facets.

They are so far,
My dear ones,
That I know I will never reach them.

Until that day comes,
I am sure,
That I’ll stare at this sad branch.

My hopes are broken like the brambles.

I wish they could come off that branch-
For branches can only be broken.

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