Thursday, July 5, 2012

Forsaken Dreams/Poetry

Forsaken Dreams

I wanted to swim, with the dolphins,
but I had a hard time.
The dolphins came and looked at me,
with their gorgous, marble blacks,
set in soft gray.

I wanted to swim, with the dolphins,
but they only looked at me.
I glanced to the horizon-
soft, fluid hues of pinks and blues,
melted together, like a lava of sorts,
as though the Creator,
had tossed the molten ball around-
or a painter, perhaps, had wavered 'round it,
fluttering by with a brush in hand,
to turn its face.

But the dolphins face they could not turn,
and I choked over my plea,
to dash, and swim, and tousle with the dolphins,
through the sea was my chant,
I had so ardently hoped-
to chant with them, to play with them,
but over my plea I choked,
and my eyes half-closed.
They would not play with me.

The dolphins, simply looked at each other.
Then they each of them turned their big bodies,
and swam away . . .

The dolphins would not play with me,
and as I looked at the sun,
it was sinking down into darkness,
which looked stoically, regally over the waters,
blackened with night's blanket-
whispers, whispers across this sparkling black, blanket,
sang to me upon the open waves,
like the dolphins eyes.

'Go back, go back,' they tell me.
But, I seek the horizon in pain.
Why have I been so accursed by fate?
Why will the dolphins and the sea forsake me?
How is it that I cannot call,
to myself any heartened whispers,
of hope?

The sun has gone down,
and all that speaks to me,
is echoing silence.

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