Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Madness of the Rage of the Fourth/Poetry

Madness of the Rage of the Fourth

Fur sleek and shiny,
Coats the hunter,
My baby draws nigh,
To me through the scorching heat,
Jumps to frolic,
Plays without his bib-
No, scratch that one-
Eek! It’s too hot for this!

It’s too hot,
Save for the fireworks,
When they all come out,
Glowing with redemption,
Celebrating this happy,
Day of independence!

Oh, and flies crawl on me.
Honestly, I hate wisteria,
For although precious,
It truly lovers
The bane of life.

I must conclude,
But- I’ll say,
Enjoy your independence!
Before I go.

That sure was,

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