Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inspiration Exercise/Poetry

Inspiration Exercise

When the life becomes clattered-
all around ourselves,
we seek the ground,
our eyes wander about,
to the outside air perfumed-
scented with jasamine.

They then wander,
to a space upon this,
white page . . .

you are the writer,
all that runs through,
the blood and the river,
treks pen upon the page.
The words are traced elegantly,
while a magic intertwines,
with those wanderings.
Shoes upon the floor,
become colored stories,
each shiny buckle on the dandy.

When the life becomes uninspired,
look outside,
feel the warm breeze over you,
hug it to your breast  like a baby . . .

when your eyes mist,
finally you feel refreshed,
with the sounds of fresh,
with the water streams,
coffee streams,
that turn,
to a roaring fall.
The cold, lonely floor,
becomes the vast desert,
of dreams.

The money, jangling,
music and doors-
are all in different,
as they become heroes.

Your foes- are here,
unfortunate, that,
but surely you understand,
that a writer dances,
in many areas.

Evil and good,
sprinkle you with people.

The walls now show,
another kingdom.

You are the kingdom.

Light, deep, maroon hues-
satanic and red banner-

All the evil spirits,
all aglow, alight,
what formerly in vagueness . . .
cloudy speckles . . .
grow out from the mist.

So when your eyes mist over,
not confusion,
a new, glorified mist is here.

Your heroes and your foes,
have come back.

Don't walk out on living, dear heart.

For with your pen,
create music.

Create color, and light-
another kingdom-
when nothing enters.
It will be alright.

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