Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arrival After Midnight/Poetry

   Arrival After

Driving along the wind,
Spirals through smoke,
We’ve tipped the Smokeys.

All is black,
For the sun fell,
Behind brambles,
As our welcome.

Drawn into a dark home,
We settle into blackness.

Black panes drawn,
Black wraps, cups, T.V. sets-
And something else black.

Black welcomes,
In the form of life,
Showing us a true blue,

We go to retrieve,
Trunk preciousness.
The greedy trunk,
Has more protection though.

‘Hello friend,’ we say.
Greater than harum-scarum,
Our friend knows the game.
He’s worn all black,
To suit our welcome.

‘Please get out of our trunk,’
we admonish him.

This is truly the lark,
Of the scene.

In all the black,
I think the bear,
Has become too happy.

‘Dear bear,’ we quip.

Well, the trunk could
Not have better,
Law enforcement,
Than having nothing.

We return to the dark,

What a black welcome ’tis-
When we arrive after . . .

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