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Chapter 5- All There Is Is Darkness

Chapter 5:
Still Magically Serene
                The Lord Serpent could not have imagined what would have become of his subjects to any possible extent when he created this curse that forever would deem the rest of his servants unmanageable. At least I hope that is the extent to which the curse will sweep over the Dark Lands. The sleeping magic elf from Serenity will no longer have a place in which to rest even, if it is beside a mere tree as she sleeps next to me at present, were this creature to overcome the people in both lands. Therefore my curse, which I know will eventually take my own life, is the greatest blessing possible to the land of all magical entities, for it will  someday free the nine Geisha Bats from their current hiding, someday, eliminate all of the holds upon those people in all areas by tearing them from the lands, grass patches and unfamiliar beds of flowers that, no matter their appearance, constantly remind us . . . reminds us that we have been tainted by migration. We do not have the liberty to do what abounding, happy magic creatures do best, for we cannot use our magic any longer at all. When a creature has been enforced upon with stringent rules from another being, it loses its ability to do magic as its spirit becomes suppressed, thus making it tainted. Any tainted creature has death written upon its forehead, figuratively, and literally as well. A deep black mark that no one can erase until the spirit has been relieved of its suffering.
                I can break the curse. The Lord Serpent has targeted me above every other as the sole way to wreak revenge upon the rest of us. The Lord Serpent must singularly be strange due to his two-edged nature. It is rare for magical entities to have both good and evil facets within the well of spirit. Magical entities only have one or the other. Our law by the greatest prophets for centuries have stated according to scholars, that one was born with pure evil roots . . . the bearer of those roots a mother that had been by the first forefathers bled into with evil from the original spells that created them, or bled into with a siphon that held only blessings. The Serpent, while never deemed by any other with full mental capacities to be good, seems to suffer pain. But- I must subside. The Great Venture Trek must be resolved through the hospitality of those that are willing and have the ability to share the knowledge. Geisha Bats know very little of our ancestry since we are cross bred, and therefore to explain the Trek would be a disservice to both the magical kings from Magical Serenity and the Dark Lands. It simply makes me wonder if there is not more about the Lord Serpent that needs to be answered, queries about the spirit origins.
                The scholars, I believe, perhaps did not reveal everything to the schoolmarms, concerning origin of personality and spirit, the distinct difference and absolute separation between good and evil. It will remain to be seen, as will everything. Because everything is mine to bear.

                Much needs to be accomplished in one day whereas I am not sure that I would have the ability to find strength. I have spent the night in a cave where I understand that everything around me is dark, with  a lesser chance of being seen. I have never seen the differences between lightness and darkness, but I can sense when the sun is up by the heat of the day. Obviously I will not be able to travel. I have been inevitably of course, browbeaten and worn down by resisting the black curse of the Lord Serpent or the Great Tempter as we sometimes call the evil one, and will need to wait until night once again befalls. What if I hurt the elf child? I glance surreptitiously over to her place within the trees where I have left her. No. This will never work. Surely I should leave the cave and travel to where I am safely out of her sight, but I am freezing without my cloak. Perhaps I should just go over and share mine with the child. Yes . . . share it.
                Suddenly, as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and the clouds of obscurity have vanished, leaving behind them no doubts, so that I surely must visit the little girl, because I know she will not mind if we share in the comfort of the cloak I gave her to wear. I am so terribly exhausted.
                The girl stretches her arms before I have raised myself up from the damp ground, the cloak slipping slightly from her shoulders, and opens her eyes. Those bright, laser blue beauties are staring straight through me as do lasers, a sign of magical protection of insurmountable strength, provided only to a few chosen people, particularly elves because of their gentleness combined with forceful abilities to command and to control with unspeakable grace. They elicit favor wherever they are, thus are often chosen to do the king's bidding. The White Shroud could not do so much as to encircle the elf children with a band not recognizable to many except the best and most desirous followers of the Lord Serpent. The Lord Serpent nevertheless, though, did not anticipate what placing the spell upon me did. He did not know that he had inadvertently honed with his talons some rare gem that must be more mesmerizing and more powerful than anything ever born under the sun. With that power, of course . . . I could do only his bidding. But I have reason to believe that perhaps, perhaps this is not always true. With this little elf next to me, perhaps . . . perhaps the elf was sent.
                She has lifted herself off of the ground and walks now towards me effortlessly. It seems as though the action takes no thought like as though she were gliding through the air, suspended by some hidden wings. I do not know what puts her in this state, what makes little elfin people tick.
                I ask her a question which I am probably a little out of sorts to be able to ask such a child made from the dust. She has opened her tiny pink mouth to supposedly engage in some verbal communication with me. However, she is not speaking. I cannot believe I am asking . . .
                "Little elf, do you think that you have been sent to me by the White Shroud?"
                "The White Shroud? What is that?" She pipes. That is what it sounds to me, like piping. Elves of such infinite grace should not be piping. How could this be, and why is she so ignorant as a person of race which is nearly quoted by the scholars to be all-knowing? "
                "Someone told me about it once," she adds. I stare, open-mouthed, the fangs from my jaw showing. She backs away from me slightly. "Please do not do that," she whimpers, just a bit. "You frighten me." I have not seen anyone with such powers as these before put her hands before her face with a trembling about her that she tries to hide. Only the appearance of bravery?
                "But, little elfin, you don't mean that I scare you?"
                "You are a bit." Definitely whimpering. I sigh. "Come on, then." She smiles widely.
                "Where are we going?" I stare.
                "You sure are a strange one. We are going away from here, to a place not well known to the people in the Dark Lands." I have a sketchy idea of this in my head of course, but have never been to this destination, as everything else about my life which seems unable to ever be as according to my heart's wishes. "We are going to the Fairy Lands of Dusk."
                "What in the . . . " Slowly, her voice changes. I stare at her again, not really understanding the switch in her intonation. I can hear her vocal cords inexplicably deepening, almost as though she has no control over their direction they mean to take in a pitch downward. "You must go to the Lord Serpent," she finishes.
                "What?" This is what she told me earlier, but I cannot place such a notion within the realm of realism. Why would she tell me such a thing? How could such a young elf, that knows nothing about her own ancestry or the history of our magical kingdom, know such a thing so wholly unconnected to her? I am dubious, but even her face appears to be a bit transformed by the exchange with me, as though it has paled slightly in its complexion. She does not seem to have heard me though.
                "The Lord Serpent is waiting for you at midnight." Well, this of course is obvious.
                "Little elfin, the Lord Serpent only comes out into the world at midnight. You know why, don't you?" Now she has a confused look.
                "No one has ever explained the Lord Serpent to me."
                "What do you mean?" I ask her patiently.
                "I don't know anything about him. Who is he?" I sigh.
                "Come on, little elf."

                We journey further into the woods. I have not been given any indication from either magical lord, the one I would gladly hear from who seems to have granted me with this bundle of excited magic that I carry fast in my arms, or the other, which when he calls, I will have no choice except to- obey.

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