Monday, June 4, 2012

A Faceless Thing I Cannot Name- Random Category

A Faceless Thing I Cannot Name

A faceless terror rides through the dark.
I cannot see-
I cannot touch,
This form.

A great, looming figure,
Sporting a face,
I must work,
To depict,
Through opaque darkness.

He, then, imprints,
An immortal stamp,
On my brain.

This face I shall,
Forget not.
The hood is down now,
I can see,
I can see.

A huge white skull,
Taut skin,
Forming the lips,
Of a clown’s appearance.

The skin,
Is so tightly pressed,
To the bone,
I wonder at the smile,
Enormous, teardrop eyes.
I start to shake,
Shivering against the wet cold,
My shoulders are bare . . .

This rider has seen me.
He comes to a stop.
As it advances,
Towards me,
I scream.

I have never before seen anything so dreadful.
This skeletal creature,
Happier than ever,
Sadder, then I could imagine.
How will I make peace,
With those eyes,
Yet happy overall appearance?
Reluctant, forever afraid,
Of that face?

Still my nemesis-
Or is he really an enemy?
Rides through the dark,
With me always trying to dodge him.

Will I ever be able to face this man?

I never expected anything from him,
But expectations,
Do not seem to count.

I pray that his smile,
Will never form a kiss,
And yet,
Wish that I did not seek one.

Why must I always be out in the dark?
Why do my feet flee when I hear his horse?

Both at the same time.
My heart and my mind,
Spar with each other.

How I hate-

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