Friday, June 8, 2012

Chapter Four- All There Is Is Darkness

Poiseda in Me

                There is Satin in the world. But there is also good and gladness. When I was a child, my mother told me that I had been wrapped up and placed on her doorstep by the Lord Serpent. I asked her what, or who rather, the Lord Serpent was. She did not have an answer. After awhile, I forgot all about my troubles and pretended, deceived myself I guess, into believing that I was really what I had always been told I was, a Geisha Bat from our century, and that I had been born like the other Geisha Bats. There aren't many of us left, but we are rare, exotic specimens, and never understanding why the enlightenment of man fails to spread some light on us Geishas. 'Geisha,' I am led to believe, means an entirely different thing than what humans think that Geisha means. Geisha is apparently from the gnome culture, but we borrowed it, you see, since our race was dying out and we needed something to call our new cross-breeds with the other members of magical serenity. The good magical kingdom, I don't mean that which rests under the tyranny of the Serpent. We call it 'Magical Serenity.'
                Anyway, after the magical race of us bats started dying, a new and completely unexpected event, or should I say uprooting occurred that left all the new bats known as 'Geishas' completely unsettled. In fact, I doubt that we will  ever be the same again, for the entire part of the kingdom known as bat society has weathered some dark eating of the composition which holds together the crux of everything we are. These companions of mine, which I can count on my nine Geisha fingers, were led into the forest by something that we did not know the name of, but, in spite of this, they were led to a sheltering area in the woods surrounding the Gold Arc, where we had formerly dwelled. The manner in which they were led was somewhat similar to how a shepherd leads his sheep to an area of good pasture, with the exception that no one was able to see who was their sheepherder. They felt pulled by a force, but . . . it did not show its face. Now I do not mean that the Geisha Bats were cursed in some way. Truly, I know what a curse is. Almost like being under a very strong persuasion spell, although not exactly. Well, I don't know how to describe it. They were uprooted from their former land to be placed into a new one within an area that did not belong to that of the magical world. And that is why there are only nine of us left.
                My name is Poiseda. I have been cursed by the wings of the darkest creature imaginable. The Lord Serpent, in all of his slime-infused glory, with his enormous wings of a great golden bird combined with the reptilian head of a crocodile, his thick body, pigmented with a sickly yellow that must have come from the sickest vermin alive, all the way down to his huge rattle of a tail, knows no small end to his adventures in cruelty. He must be a chief experimenter that humans would surely love to have behind their doors for all of the experiments humans do, and not one of their scientist could be more skilled, or in the least more proficient, than is the Lord Serpent. The Lord Serpent, in the magical kingdom of our animals, draws more into his vision than the eagle with the best eye . . . everything, everything is in his vision. I might be miles from him, and he could still see me. This great giant, composed of some sort of dark demon that no one in this world could have interpreted or broken down, knows everything. He took over our land. He took over me.
                When I was still a very young Geisha Bat, it is my firmest belief that the Lord Serpent took and hid me away, so that I was not seen by anyone except those whose red eyes glowed in the dark of a deeply entrenched cave with the Serpent's aura, hidden away from everyone, the light of day shut behind its doors just like it would soon be shut out of mine forever. The followers of the Lord Serpent slowly, treacherously but with every strength that they were given by the Serpent, drew from me my ability to see light . . . and to understand. I am no longer able to understand the differences between my own desires and emotions, and those programmed in me by the Lord Serpent. He turned me into what humans tried to call a robot . . . I tried to curse my mother, for instance, I mean kill her. I do not know how long precisely in measured time that I've had the inability to think for myself, but I cannot ever remember seeing the light. The curse, however, has grown unmistakably worse over time, which, of course, is my reason for leaving. I must admit to myself now that I am no longer a Geisha Bat, but something else entirely. A programmed part mechanized to do only evil. Serve and do the bidding of the darkest entity that this earth could ever hold- a pawn of Satin.

                I look down at the little magical elf sitting beside me. It dawns on me that I cannot possibly care for her. I brush her hair out of her eyes as she sleeps, fingering gently the fine dark locks.
                "Poor little soul," I whisper to her. I tuck my cloak more securely around her. She, without my supervision will survive nonetheless, although it may be more difficult for her without the protection of a guardian. "I must leave you." I sigh, and slowly arouse myself. I stretch, and walk about the clearing. Perhaps the name Poiseda was perfect for me after all. It is, very close to poison.

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