Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Storm Dancing- Category, Poetry

Storm Dancing

I don't know what,
I'd like to have,
what I would want,
to give you-

I cannot see, my pet,
what songs, deep,
and cuttingly, harshly fresh,
I'd give to you.

I don't- know.
help me to understand.

I wait, softly,
quietly begging the sky.
I wait,
and I wait,

For eternal rain to fall into a day,
a sunshiny bliss.
I can't speak now,

hear my song.
Listen to the rain-
you'll miss it.

The rain dance.

You shouldn't miss my love,
as the sky has many sounds of joy.

So listen-
and do not mind my absence.

Listen, listen.
Hear the sounds,
before the rain breaks.

With the sun will be peace,
quiet bliss.

Hear the storm,
my dearest-
if none visit our marriage,
our love wouldn't sweeten-
how I love our storms.
And then kiss me,
when the sun breaks out.

Do not miss my love,
for the storm,
                                                                                                    it will break.

Dedicated to my parents, Will and Ellie Fox

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