Saturday, June 9, 2012

List of Terms, Dark Fantasy


DARK LANDS: Lands that have been taken over by the Lord Serpent and those who are potentially followers.
GEISHA BATS: A cross breed of those members of the bats, which were bred to be more colorfully toxic. They are beautiful, but their spectcularity means they are ever more deadly. The Lord Serpent has forced them into breeding. They were not original.  They are members of the gnome culture.
GOLD ARC: Former dwelling of the Geisha Bats.
KING'S ELVES: The White Shroud, king of the land of Serenity, is the protector of his elves because they are favored above all other entities in the magical kingdom. Beautifully crafted are the elves by their maker and fine of feature, the elfin people carry with them grace and poise that they display to the rest of the community. They have powers and sundry abilities of exceptional talent, and quality, but primarily speaking none of the community maintains any similar notion to the King's elves. No one could fathom such abilities or come close to owning those rare qualities.
LORD SERPENT/GREAT TEMPTER: The Lord Serpent takes the form of an enormous snake with a large, reptilian head, an elongated body of a sickly yellow color, and big rattle.
MAGICAL SERENITY: That part of the magical kingdom under the rule of the White Shroud. However, markedly in the minds of readers it should be explained and understood, that Magical Serenity and The Dark Lands were created after the split in the entire nation, upon the Lord Serpent's power ascention.
WHITE SHROUD: The White Shroud maintains leadership over the entire magical land, but part of his lands were lost to the Lord Serpent during fueds over it, although primarily over the spirits of those who dwell in the land. Information about these spirits has been kept from members of the community by the Lord Serpent and his pawns. Regardless, the White Shroud primarily rules over Magical Serenity. The other lands, rightfully belong to his lordship.The lordship of this name, White Shroud, refers primarily to the spirit of the king. A mere spirit according to widespread thought, not much is known to the bulk of the population about the ruler, because he generally stays hidden.

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