Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chapter 2, Poison- All There Is Is Darkness


                I'm living with a poison.
                "No, mother." My arm was entirely tense. I had nearly finished mixing the concoction.
                "No!" I threw my hands up. The substance in the bowl had congealed, turning into a nice, sticky, yellow poison. My mother's round face appeared behind the doorway. Blond wisps of hair fell down in her face.
                "Poiseda, what are you doing?"
                I scowled. The faintest hint of bluish-green suffused my white cheeks. I turned my enlarged, black marble eyes to the insufferable fool before me. Why did I want to hurt her eyes of pretty blue so badly?
                My black eyes sought her out to harm her. That's when I remembered that I had been cursed. I couldn't write anymore. I couldn't mix potions without them turning into the deadliest venoms . . . I was cursed to think evil and do only evil. I put my head on the table. My large bat wings fell to my sides pathetically, no life in them.
                "Poiseda," my mother's voice was a whisper. "My dear. Poiseda, come out and eat dinner."
                "No." My throat made a weird chocking sound.
                "Please, Poiseda."
                "No!" I thrust her hand roughly away from me.
                "I will not eat dinner. Not at your table with you. I will not be anywhere near you. You see this potion?" I gestured. "It is poison- mom, I have been cursed." My last words ended in a whisper.
                "It's not your fault, Poiseda," she whispered. Her beautiful large blue eyes were swimming with tears now.
                I put my head back and sighed.
                "No. But it doesn't matter. I will always be a danger." I turned to face my mother finally. "I was told tonight that I must poison you. I tried to fight it. But that was the assignment I was given. I can't see you anymore."
                "Where will you go, Poiseda?" Her lower lips was trembling. She seemed resigned. I hesitated. Then I said,
                "Where no one can find me."

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