Saturday, June 16, 2012

A New Dawn- Category, Poetry/Friends

A New Dawn

I have not yet,
forgotten, your voice.

I have not, dad,
seen what you did,
when we both enlisted,
ourselves to frolic-
at home in the sun -

Those times we drove,
to our daycare,
you'd meticulously,
Daddy I didn't,
see me grow.

Hadn't watched me age,
as you did see me,
for you truly heard,
the murmurs, of my life,
murmurs of sadness,
murmurs of love,
murmurs, murmurs,
murmurs of how I,
missed something,
about your dry,
satirical wit,
however when I left it.

Dad, you couldn't know,
the horizon
sunny-streaked horizon,
the beauty of it fall,
below the earth,
in the way I know it,
but yet we both-
know its meaning . . .

Daddy, the sun set,
after a period.
You knew dad,
better than I,
the times those days,
had been hushed,
for you saw me,
as I broke into,
the shell of my

After the cut into it,
we did not thereafter,
no longer drove to daycare.
Our frolic vanished,
to be replaced with understanding afresh,
a breeze that whirled through our,
fun slaphappy,
frivolous best,

After I-
broke the shell we . . .
witnessed a new dawn,
for I can now see,
the perspective of a father,
and you see,
your daughter-

                                                           We view the same new dawning.

                                                                       Dedicated to Dad

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