Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beautiful Child Natural- Friends Poem Series

Beautiful Child Natural

Lovely dear of strawberry blond hair,

Drink the stuff of dreams.
You may not have
such a desire of swirls,

Where an enchanted work
of natural things must live.

Darling Zoey of our dreams,
you read and write every day.

I am sorry- I cannot build against this force.

Darling, dearest Zoey,
you are interspersed,
like a beautiful dream gliding over,
the land,
in another land stuffed with-

You do know,
that you are a writer at the heart,
little lamb, little lamb of God.

You are one with nature,
sweetest strawberry blond head,
you are surely in the air
you are beneath us,
you are a reader,
a writer,
that seeks us.

The world is within your grasp,
so you will never be forgotten ~

You are one,
you are one with nature,
natural thing of God my love.
Do not be shy or err,
for a writer speaks and pours,
her soul to yours,
a shy lover of math and sciences,
truly, a writer though,
for you're a natural,
loving and wonderful natural,
                                                         like us writers.


                                                  Dedicated to my sister Zoey

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