Monday, June 18, 2012

Mr. Bear, You Left Us Bare!

Mr. Bear, You Left Us Bare!

Oh dear black bear,
how you could you do this?

How could you come hither to us?
You've stolen our food,
and made it very difficult for us to like you.

Oh, black bear,
you've stolen our clothes,
coming in our trunk you crashed us like teenage jocks,
usurping with danger,
the life of party lust.

Mr. Bear you stole away,
to our middle,
as our family chatted,
Mr. Bear you drew your cracker-jacks,
by infusing in our midst.

In finding out our middle,
Mr. Bear you took, Mr. Bear you took,
our shoe-bag.

You upturned our ice-box,
and chewed up our back-seats,
you ransacked our vehicle . . .

Mr. Bear, you left us bare!

Don't ever crash through,
our midst,
don't ever meet us in the,
middle of our trip-

                                                           Dedicated to my father Will

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