Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chapter 11, All There Is Is Darkness

Chapter 11:
All There Is Is Darkness ~

                As gracefully as the fairy comes to a swoop on the mossy grass of a pearl white beneath us, her wings coming to the elegant, perfectly white, polish of wings, while they dazzle in their halt coming to rest, Seri stiffens. I feel her small body tense, a small finger slip into my large hand . . .
                "Please," she whispers. I don't know why exactly, but I begin to glare at the fairy, while simultaneously resting one winged arm over my aching eyelids. The force causes me to falter, however, moving me backward from the heat of light over me.
                "You're hurting him," Seri says, huddling closer to me. I pat her head.
                "It's alright, Seri." I try to rally up again with a brisk reminder to myself of my premise for standing before this fairy. Things around me dim as the light haze starts to mellow, reducing its meanness, and I no longer feel as though I am under attack. Slowly I lift my head in small wonderment.
                "What -"
                "I am sorry, Poiseda." I sharpen my eyesight now in the gloom about me, looking upon the fairy with a kind of eagle stare. I am trying to decipher her phenomenon, in addition to wondering, of course, why she did this. It will be a sorry day somewhere to determine that the fairies in this respective gallant circle of entities assumed to be pure in spirit, truly retain some supernatural powers. How could she have dimmed her inner light as a star fading into darkness, without having some knowledge about me . . . how could she know me?
                "I did not realize who stood before me in this manner." I stare at the tiny woman with my mouth half-drawn. In my breast, some powerful connection which I cannot describe has me pulled to the speaker, although very slight, very light, as though my bubbling well of some giant-sized spirit that I did not know I had in me has come to realize its full potential. All magic creatures have a tangible spirit, but not often do we come to know it. Something special about her. I feel it. I am silent, and I let her speak, paying her due reverence in the quiet stillness. Not even the winds breathe. Seri also has muted.
                "Had I known . . . " continues the small wisp of a lady, "I would not have made a journey through to the other side before meeting with you, in order that I might not have made minced rushes out of time that I spend with you, it's all now wasted," she sighed. I am unspeakably perplexed. I watch the fairy woman carefully. In spite of that she has dimmed her large green orbs, they are staring at me so frankly that I might have nearly shielded my own. I did not undertake to push against what I knew was a useless task. I always had to bear the pain.
                "No one in this land has had a lapse in memory, Poiseda . . . though we may actually feel desperately sometimes- you have a destiny, so, no matter your magical background," and here she emitted some strange kind of shrill laugh, "everyone must like you." I give my head a shake which portrays a nonsense, for hairy mops do not always make the most favorable impression- upon fairies. But I am, already dealing in the sordid- honest soul, how would I deign to be so sloppy!
                The graceful measure looks at me, her jeweled eyes sparkling in an odd way, as I make the nervous but highly improper gesture in the pure land, yet holds still to silence. Yes, I truly do wonder what she means . . . I push myself forcefully from my shell of thoughts, for Seri's grip on me has infused sweet scents of her sweat. Moving my arm away from the stick, I try to give her a quiet shake to reassure her in the most subtle way. I do not know why, but I feel unnerved as well by the fairy woman.
                The woman yawns widely though a minute later, shocking both of us. Seri tugs me.
                "I did not think they were so liberal," she whispers. I shake my head.
                "Neither did I." In another minute, she lays herself languorously upon her spread in the grasses, unfolding her delicate wings for comfort. My heart starts to beat, for this is unnatural. What have we come upon in our guileless quest? She reaches out a long arm.
                "Come. Lay beside me with quiet," she murmurs. And suddenly we do. Down, down, down we are pulled, with nothing between us except air, until Seri and I are pushed up against her- all of our motor function is vanquished. This beguiling creature knew something we could not- I could not, fathom. Now, all I can see are her green orbs through blackness, through the madness which is ours, and our world or all of everything that Seri and I know is being sucked away-
                and all there is, is darkness.

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