Friday, June 15, 2012

Horizon's Cherub- Poetry

Horizon's Cherub

The plane is beautiful above me,
cutting across the sky,
towards the pretty picture,
of horrible curmudgeons-
no, no it's not that-
the plane moves towards weightless, timeless energy,
Sweet singing towards the horizon.

The plane moves steadily onward,
through rosy pink cloud whiffs,
that are in appearance,
smoke, more so . . .
that is, towards the picture of beauty,
the sun.

Singing birds move like dots of magic across it.
Everything stops moving,
and I stare up at the sky,
I fear soon the picture shatters,
but beg it won't.

A rosy-pink cherub,
looks over the land.

The moving things of Earth,
have, but for a moment,
                                                              crossed her features.

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