Thursday, June 7, 2012

Queen From Alice in Wonderland- Friends Category

Queen From Alice in Wonderland

You are a plumb,
wearing a red sash.

Tiny perhaps,
and darkly ripe,
I - think you are-

Beautiful black,
that cascades,
around your,
flip shoulders,
that toss away,
our land shrugging.

Softly sweet,
brown eyes,
that belong to a doe.

Your focus however,
has left them.

You, a gentle, sensitive doe,
are infused with spark.

Crackling out of,
the depths of brown.

Tiffany, you said,
'Let me take,
to command . . . '

What did you take?

The world has reached your fingers.

Softer electricity,
travels throughout,
your figure,
creating a bounce.

Bouncing, curving waves,
that fall around your,
held up by,
an uplifting shape,
of an adored,

of a- pretty,
innocent laughing,

The eye of an eagle,
does not see better,
than your eye,
for measuring . . .

diverting games . . .
we frolic and play,
all the day . . . when you are with us.

The eyes of men around you,
are hungry for some devilish,

And you know I do think . . .
there's some merit,
in being a queen,
without hand-picked,
guards and subjects.

I know, wait!

For I know you are not,
the queen I think,
in the manner of usual queens.

Yours are perhaps . . .
made of these enlarged,
Jacks and Kings and Queen cards.
Alice in Wonderland!
That might be,
the scene.

Could you sit,
upon a throne,
surrounded by males,
with a beautiful
'I don't care' persona.

Take whatever is,
yours to command,
keep it with you.

Sit on your throne,
in cute apparel,
bold and brave,

May the curls fall down around you,
replacing traditional subjects,
with merited ones!

Let everything be a game to your softness
with a conquering penchant-
while the cards,
are dancing,
and not bowing.

Let every person in your fairytale,
enjoy you.

Small doe in the headlights,
so dazzlingly pretty . . .
could anything shatter it?

Certainly not!
Not the queen's focus.

Our dear plumb . . .
how many plumbs can wear,
sashes of red,
how many queens live among,
Cheshire cats?

Not guards.
Never the ordinary.

You live to spin excitement.

We revel,
in your land,
where everybody seeks you,
not just your men,
because you are a queen,
who holds the fun,
which the world offers  in . . .

Alice in Wonderland.

Dedicated to Tiffany,
                                                    Love, Brooke

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