Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Frightening Snowmen- Category, Random

Frightening Snowmen

Truly, in the heat of a hot,
scorching flame?

Two little snowmen,
sit about,
a campfire,
warming their hands.

Wait! My eyes,
bulge outward-
They are not warming hands,
but sticks,
fastened into,
marshmallow clouds,
that brown and drip.

Oh, well.
I couldn't be any more-
shocked- but, wait-
what is that?
A human approaches,
while one's raisin mouth,
widens, handing over,
the now burnt,
dripping cloud.

The person eats it.

Oh, my.
Will I ever be through
with this silly day?

I can't believe,
I received such a-
wait- what is this?

A new sight!
I think I might faint.

There, out behind a bush, trots,
a snowman dog.

Surely it must be,
a dog,
carved out of snow.
Like those two it doesn't melt.
Instead, it sits down to gnaw on,
its bone.

Oh . . . will I ever be free from all this?
My boss will never believe,
my story,
when I explain,
my reason for coming in
past my scheduled time.

I stopped to look at these-
no, that would never go. No.

I turned my back to the snowmen.
My gear I pushed to drive.
Then I cried out-
Beside me through the window,
two snowbirds,
flew right by me.
And . . . I couldn't not,
no, this wasn't-
couldn't be happening-
my car slowly turned quite cold.  

I ran inside, breathing heavily.

Oh, no.

Chills up my spine.
Literally freezing.

I was becoming a snowman.

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