Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Floating, floating,
I feel as though,
I float.

High above the trees,
high above everything,
I swarm about,
float about, float about.

My, but I am light,
I am truly weightless.

I feel like a kite,
that's been loosed,
to fly by accident.

I am someone's lost,
toy that once gave,
a child pleasure.

Now I navigate,
the sky with the birds,
and now I belong,
to no one.

You see,
when I was loosed-

I had been ripped forever!

String no longer ties me,
to the sad child.

The child lost its toy.

I am a kite with no meaning,
I float about the sky aimlessly.

I float about the sky aimlessly.

Float about,
twirls, whip, and whip about.

I am weightless,
I am free . . .
 I am also meaningless.

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