Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dreaming To Be a Cat- Random

Dreaming To Be a Cat

                I'll put a shame upon you anon, once, as we are sitting here in the cold, my arm tucked securely into yours, knowing that I shall live like the cats with their serene smiles, unnoticed as are these precious and shy creatures, who walk with a dainty prance, and sleep stretched out on a mat, any mat they choose without reference to us. If I were a cat such as this beautiful, lovely animal.

                                A beautiful lovely animal.
                                Lara likes crowded.

                A gold thimble.
                As I came out of this dream sitting here on his lap, I murmur in his ear while I caress his hair. For some reason I cannot understand a something small, which I can't even see so meager are its portions, tugs on my heartstrings so forcefully, that my eyes are starting to glisten. My hand falls back.
                "Dear, Maraca."
                It can never be. The excitement that had swelled within me has erupted, and now in lonely rivulets trickles back into what they were before, part of the earth, the volcano becoming nothing, after a time, but a mound of dirt underneath dissipated lava.
                "I love you." I lay my head against him. I will not stay a cat. I will be human.

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