Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden of Secrets- Parable of Day no. 1

                               ~ Garden of Secrets ~    

                I am in a pretty garden. It has been a very long time for me. I know it has, because I feel so heavy. I sit down on the grass. Some people come toward me from the other side beyond the fence, but I cannot listen. My eyes are turned toward the dusk. A long, yellow sun streaks across the landscape. Flowers bloom in this place at midnight, and I finger the petals of a closed, white, soft bud. Soon, it will be dark, and all of the secrets of my garden shall be revealed. My emotions, so well hidden, like polished, leaping strings of silver will finally come out of me and fall in sparkling strings around my body. Here- here I am not gone. I am present, and fully alive. Here, here is where I will show my heart, and until then, I wish that one would come and unlock it.
                Where is the gatekeeper of my secrets? I want them. Open it, gatekeeper, and let me in. I must find my room.

There is not ending to this.
It is the garden of secrets. Everyone has one. Not everyone can find the key to their heart to open them up. How will you unlock, your garden?

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