Monday, June 11, 2012

Chapter 8- All There Is Is Darkness

Chapter 8-Curse

                "Poiseda! It's beautiful."
                "I knew you would like it," I say to her.               
                "I have have never seen anything so lovely," she breathes. The trees flourish bountifully. Grasses of various colors dot the stretches of Earth beneath our feet, and the winds can be seen in light wispy hues of deep plush-red, like fabrics in the air that never quite develop fully. They slightly resemble fabrics, yet I can't describe the scene with justice. "Loook," she gasps out. She proceeds to point at something.
                As soon as I'd pressed my finger to the stream, both I and Seraphina melted into the Earth like dead fish sink to the ground, in a floating manner. Such a spell only I could know, because I have been one of the few privileged to learn of it from the Lord Serpent, who occasionally had reason to visit the fairies. I needed to make a favorable impression now upon the fairies regardless of my pride in knowing the tricks that they never provide other members of Magical Serenity, because heaviness makes for a terrible burden. The fairies dislike anything that is not light as a feather. The fairies themselves cannot weigh more than a few ounces, so Seraphina, small as she is, will not be welcomed as a temporary charge.
                "The air shimmered when we were coming. How did you know that trick?" she asks. I pause in my tracks, coming to a realization. I bend to face her.
                "Okay. I am going to explain relativity quickly to you the process for coming to the Land of Fairy Dusk. And you are not going to ask me any more questions, alright?" She nods worriedly.
                "Okay, now you remember the pool of silver water?" Another nod in the affirmative. "It has a silver mist upon its surface, and does not actually make contact with the ground, although it appears to." Her face starts to scrunch with confusion while her mouth opens, so hurriedly I say, "You promised not to interrupt. Anyway . . . " I swallow, "the water is enchanted by the fairy magic. It serves as the door, so to speak to their - " she shakes her head at this point. "You don't have a door in your kingdom? No?" I don't remember the only time I went into the Elfin's kingdom, "Well then, this simply is how magical beings go in and out of their lands."
                "Oh," she nods her head.
                "Now you understand? Good," I tell her. "So anyway, after I say a spell -  " I don't tell her about the memory facet , "we then make the transition here, that is to say we are placed into a dimension of time and space that is not seen except by the fairies, which is really a scary experience for some of us. When you are not a fairy," I add. "Although it really is just a shimmering area in space that looks a bit prettier than what we are used to. The fairies make sound, air, and visuals themselves. You can see the air. When the wind picks up you will see different shades of red." She brightens.
                "It was a dark red a few minutes ago."
                "That's right," I nod in approval. "Okay, let's get going. We need to get you to a place where the Lord Serpent can't find you."
                "But Poiseda!" She frowns, grandly. "I want to stay here!" I shake my head and say,
                "No, Seri." Where did that name come from?
                "You don't understand. I have to stay with you. I- " Her eyes have grown wide, her body a bit stiffer. She was so excited about the pureness of sheer fairy magic that I cannot fathom what it is that has her frightened. "I have to stay with you because- " her voice drops to a hoarse whisper, "I have been cursed too."

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