Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vacation Dream Trek/Category, Poetry

Vacation Dream Trek

We live in luxury,
in a chalet here,
climbing walls of ivy fall,
around by draping,
our cozy living.

I walk the stairwell,
in a trek amazing,
transported, at once,
by the cavern bears,
the amazing pictures,
fine decorations,
which make me-
cause me to see,
the spirit of old-fashioned.

The exquisite thought rolls from me,

I could be,
Mrs. March maybe,
stately traveling he,
stairs to tell,
my daughters I'm home.

I could be anyone,
my hair a pretty blond,
not wavy brown,
fainting upon meeting,
the  frightening decor,
but that I wouldn't.

I am not in a storybook,
one who requires salt,
no, see- I long,
for the older days but I'm-
in the present age so,
if I faint,
at the sight,
of what my Chalet brings me . . .
I'll get myself a motrin.
But I have dreams,
I have the mountains,
and dreaming,
so I shall not faint.

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