Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God's Honey/Poetry

God's Honey

Sorrow seeps from
my system to,
overcome my-
pardoning terror.

Pardon my terror,
I mean to say,
for wickendness,
crawls within my blood.

Song of melodious sad,
song of a rainy day,
songs in my car,
here in my ears,
songs of my heart.
Infinity will reach forever,
my throat will tear,
the animal in me,
wants to rip.

Baby dear, my
sweetest, honey sap I-
will love your song,
for all my life.
This hand of Heaven,
reached through tearless,
flawless blue,
seeped like honey into my veins.

I exalt, as I did do,
so often when feeling, 
the start of glaciers.

Always the rain, 
tipped off infinite,
cast away the endless,
and hardened my wet tear,
to glaciers.

My water is hard,
and the trick-trickling rain,
and as I drive against it,
I remember always,
my dearest darling . . . 
not knowing its name,
but remembering God's hand.

It reached out of the Heavens,
to pour-
honey into me.  

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