Sunday, June 17, 2012

Black, Black, Black, Black Trust/Poetry/Friends Series

Black, Black, Black, Black Trust

I know trust,
like loving, spinning locks,
of a thundering horse's locks,
filled with curled hair,
which takes up the,
entire scene of
the ride of trust.

I know that trust can,
visit me in swirls,
of the hair of a,
dark beauty,
like a pounding animal.
Beautiful black steed
whose magic hair
portrays trust.

A fairy's queen perhaps,
hovers in a crevice,
somewhere casting,
her spell on its mane-

Oh what a grand, wondrous creature,
rests between my legs,
as he carries us onward,
onward, and to the,
land where I will,
lie down to rest,
to provide fodder,
for my chauffer.

Trust stares at me,
through his glinting,
marbles pouring out,
from his lovely mask.
Horse has a lovely
mask of black,
like a canvas,
thrown all the way down
from the vast sky.

God has made,
a pact with me,
with this trust creature.
Black, black, black surrounds me,
my face is brushed with it,
marvelous, shining coat,
mane that shields everything with fire-strength,
animal of strength, and wonder.

His mane must be enchanted,
and his eyes-
to stare at me
with such trust,
must be made
with the fine hand,
of God.

This is a trust creature which I ride.

All of this black beauty . . .
                                                                         he- trusts me.

                                                                      Dedicated to Lily

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