Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Weightless Sky/Random

The Weightless Sky ~

I will allow myself the gentle fold of waves which should creep into my life- knives turned to honey that perfectly mold into my skin's crevices as curved kitchen utensils, at first, but then they turn soft, and I am no longer aware of my surroundings, and can feel nothing save for the gentle bliss of an ocean, an ocean of honey. It does not present itself as a honey that I should eat, however, and the difference between me and the outer world. I cannot feel, as everything settles down at the bottom of my ocean- swimming throughout my bloodstream and settling at the heart of everything in my cells. We, the honey and I, are one. I am now a honey . . . I float in a deep dream, like ship of dreams along the sky . . . and I'm not flotsam as I became part of the clouds, was once Earth's nectar that evaporates as she reaches them, becomes them. The explosion of the first rapturous touch of the honey has ended, for I am unaware . . . I am vanishing. I've reached the Heavens. The pink dazzles me. It is sunset. One can never feel lonely in this place ~

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