Friday, June 1, 2012

Colorful Sound of Music/Part of 'Friends' series/no. 1

      ~ Colorful Sound of Music  ~

Colorful sound of music,
gushes through me.
I cock my head so,
I can determine,
what the sound is.

Rebekah, of course,
in her pandemonium,
a melee of thoughts,
swirling 'round her.

It's a whirring spectrum,
of her vivaciousness-
I find myself grinning,
at the rainbow she emits.

She hits the piano keys,
and then plays guitar,
crickets begin chirping,
and rustling through the grass.

So that in the night,
all different types,
of sound is distinguished.

In the daytime birds,
of all variations,
and in the evening,
she plays the ukulele

I never have heard,
so many tunes,
I have never known one,
who sings in colors before.

Rebekah's happy music,
in bright azure, gray,
of eve, and black,
in all and sundry!

Surely no one else,
could play upon,
your heart with words.
Yet, like Irish dances,
her vivacious thoughts,
never waver,
what rolls from her tongue,
is the breath of,
a thousand spices,

Rebekah makes getting out the toothbrush turn from mundane to exhilarating-
I can't wait to brush my teeth tomorrow!

So, Rebekah,
since I now prepare,
myself for bed,
I will hear your song,
and in my head,
be one  among you,
who can hear your colors.

Thanks to you,
brushing my teeth will be touched by,
the colorful sound of music.

Until I see you again,
I'll keep a sound,
that few are privileged to carry.

How many people can hear colors . . .

The crickets,
the piano,
the sky,
of any shade,
and this is all spurred by,
an Irish joyful measure.

Never let your zeal die,
for if you do,
we'll no longer hear such- color.

Dedicated to Rebekah Phillips, and who else?

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