Saturday, June 9, 2012

Daddy's Moment

Daddy’s Moment:

     Earlier I went outside. Well actually I first began this trek into the land of an extraordinary personality in the house a bit earlier, because it was inside- where I was giving the instruction. Daddy had dedicated to me an obligation to pull some weeds for him. Well, knowing what an obligation is, and the fact that no one did tell me, ‘no this is an order, hark,’ I knew as well, of course, that nothing could have such stringent guidelines as time attached. Because there were no stringent guidelines, I allowed myself what I needed in order to ready myself. This, obviously included the necessity of reading, drinking my tea, and putting on my bandana. The usual necessities. Well, of course, in the excellent fun that this brought me, I was not in the least expecting it. This ‘new daddy,’ of mine, in the land of new, riveting personality had a beat red face, sweat dripping from him and the strangest words pouring from him. ‘YOU DID NOT TELL ME IT WOULD TAKE THIS LONG,’ boomed from him. It was truly fascinating. “I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY YOU MOTHER GETS . . . ” Well, all in good fun, of course. It’s alright though because I’ve calmed my daddy. At the moment, after Daddy’s Moment, I am pulling weeds. I hope that he’s learned something from this, and is now as calm as I am enchanted by the exchange.


  1. Time to get a weed wacker. You can tell him I said so :)

  2. He says he has a weed wacker. We need to get it fixed, and he wants me to fix it! lol, I can't seem to win this one.